Josh Bocanegra

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Josh Bocanegra is a world-renowned serial entrepreneur and internet marketer. His work has been featured in Forbes, TIME, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Popular Science, Futurism, Telemundo, History, I F*cking Love Science, Business Insider, Mashable, WIRED, The New York Post, Yahoo News and many more.

He is the founder and CEO of Humai, a robotics / medical research company building technology to extend, enhance and restore human life. Humai attracted mass media attention a week after launching a landing page. 3 months later, Humai built an ambassador program with over 500 people, received over 200 applications from scientists, researchers and scholars and have been featured on nearly every major media outlet in the world

He is also the founder and CEO of LoveRoom, an experimental dating site that caused a stir in the media for its unconventional dating concept. LoveRoom gained mass media attention two days after launching a landing page. 6 months later, LoveRoom was offered a TV show from 6 major television networks, registered thousands of users from over 100 countries and have been featured in numerous media outlets around the world.

Location : Hollywood, California
Birthplace : Bronx, New York
Age : 26
Ethnicity : Puerto Rican
Education : Proud Dropout
Political : Liberal
Music : Gangsta Rap, R&B
Apps : Evernote, Lyft, Spotify
Devices : All Apple devices
Drink : Coffee, Grape Juice
Food : Steak, Pizza, Lobster

  • Hacker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketer


  • PR 93%
  • Artifical Intellegence 72%
  • HTML5 / CSS 96%
  • Javascript / jQuery 87%
  • PHP / MySQL 93%
  • Wordpress 92%
  • Video Editing 73%
  • Graphic Design 75%
  • Sales 96%
  • Music Production 87%
  • Audio Engineering 83%
  • Social Media Marketing 92%


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